• Real-time Scheduling
    Petrowave Connect-Plan bridges both geographic and internal company divides, allowing the entire corporation to work as one for mission critical equipment scheduling. When Marketing makes a change at the head office, every field office can see it immediately and react. Petrowave Connect-Plan streamlines strategic and financial objectives.

  • Flexible Booking
    Connect-Plan allows you to make bookings in as much or as little detail as you like. Create the booking, and then add more detail as it becomes available. Book a single project, or a group of associated projects for a single customer. Add equipment to a booking, and view all committed equipment at a glance.

  • Conflict Management
    Equipment overbooked? Possible conflicts are identified immediately and graphically using Connect-Plan’s Conflict Management tools, allowing you to keep all your equipment working, and avoid potentially embarrassing or costly situations.

  • Confidence Levels
    Not all bookings are created equal. With Connect-Plan, you can instantly distinguish between confirmed and provisional bookings, through color-coded activity bars. Use it to remind you when you need a firm commitment, or use it to decide which customer gets the equipment.

  • Location
    In the oil patch, where something happens is as important as when it happens. That’s why all equipment activity in the Petrowave suite can be associated with a specific location. Petrowave’s software understands a variety of land systems, so you can search the schedule for available equipment within 10, 100 or 1,000 kilometers.
    Coming soon: Connect-Map: map-based access to your schedule.

  • The Right Information, in the Right Hands
    The Petrowave Connect suite has a powerful, flexible, roles-based administration model. Through a series of “checkpoints”, user permissions are set based on need, by group or by individual. Thus, some users can create and edit bookings, while others may only view bookings.
    Coming soon: Third-party (vendor or customer) access to your data.

  • Fleet Management
    Petrowave Connect-Plan allows you to define and track your equipment in as much detail as you need. You can organize equipment by division, to manage it better. You can search and sort on equipment characteristics. You can add or modify equipment attributes as customer requirements change.