The benefits of our approach to software development and delivery include:
  • Reduced Costs
    Users of the application require only an Internet connection to access the application. Your company, therefore, does not need to invest in additional servers, databases, software or IT personnel. There is no large, upfront cost associated with the development of a custom solution, and no initial purchase of a commercial software package.

  • Universal, Shared Access
    With the proper authorization, users are able to access data from any location - head office, field office, or home. Multiple users within the same organization, working from different locations, are able to effectively work together.

  • Centralized Support
    Petrowave provides ongoing help desk and application maintenance support as part of the software contract. Software updates are transparent to the user, occurring once at the central hosting site, concurrent for all clients of the application.

  • Security
    Petrowave takes client security seriously.  Our application is designed from the ground up to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of client data.  As well, the Connect suite incorporates a detailed audit log, allowing your administrator to track all access and changes to key data.

  • Integration
    The Petrowave Connect suite will address, in one package, all areas of an oilfield service company's business.